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Our expert scientific and medical illustrators will work with you to create professional custom illustrations, figures or posters to help you visually communicate your findings.



With our custom illustration service, our team of experts assists you by generating original illustrations based on sketches; re-drawing low resolution diagrams and flowcharts to create publication-quality figures; or making graphs from data tables. Our illustrators work directly with you to turn your ideas and data into figures that will help you communicate your research to the world, be it in print, posters, or presentations. Our team will answer unlimited follow-up questions about the work to guarantee your satisfaction.


  1. Provide a clear sketch of your intended result. Our illustrators provide a professional result based on your visual concept. The sketch can be drawn by hand, in a program such as Word or Powerpoint, or with a combination of techniques. Additional written instructions are also helpful, but a sketch is crucial; we cannot work solely from a written summary or manuscript.
  2. Choose a style from our stylistic examples. Any of these examples is suitable for publication in high-impact journals. Your choice of style for your illustration should be based on your personal preference and the appearance of similar figures that have been published in your chosen journal.
  3. Include any original data or images you would like us to incorporate into your illustration. High-resolution photographs and vector graphs will produce the most attractive and accurate results, although we will redraw elements as needed to provide you with a high-quality illustration.
  4. Plan for your illustration to fit onto one physical page of a print journal. If you are ordering a visual abstract, please consider the size restrictions of your chosen journal. If you include too many elements in a single illustration, your order may be delayed while we ask you to decide how to divide it into two or more illustrations.
  5. Make sure to allow enough time for illustration. A Custom Illustration takes 5 business days from when you approve the price quote, and the turnaround time may increase if you order multiple illustrations.

Looking for Figure or Table formatting? We can help!

If you have already created your own figures and tables, but need help preparing them to meet the specifications of your target journal, our figure and table formatting services offer an affordable solution. The Editela team specializes in preparing your entire paper for publication - including your figures, tables, and graphs.


Our Illustration & Graphing Service provides you with original illustrations, graphs, and diagrams based on your ideas. This process is inherently iterative, and we guarantee to continue to adjust the illustration, graph, or diagram until you are happy with the presentation of your data or ideas.








When you order a custom illustration, you can provide a sketch of your desired figure or original data, and we will generate a publication-quality figure. If you already have a figure that needs to be adjusted to the specifications of your desired journal, Figure Formatting may be a more appropriate and cost-effective option.

Yes. Our colleagues specialize in getting your work disccovered by larger audiences through research promotion services.


Please ensure that your data file includes all of the information required to create your desired graph, including claculated values for any standard errors, standard deviations, confidence intervals, coefficients of determination, or other measures to be included.


Please fill out and upload our poster template and provide a link to your conference poster guidelines.

Please ensure that you also upload editable files or sketches for all of the figures appearing on your poster so that we can provide you with an accurate price quote.

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