We help customize Journal Management System websites by adding visual elements and css tweaking to match your journal’s identity. We can match fonts, headers, colors and create banners, logos and other visual items such as custom buttons and sidebar content. 

What a Journal Management System?

Editela is a company with a broad tradition in developing academic software for educational institutions, universities and research centers throughout the world.

Our team is committed to supporting the consolidation, improvement or maintenance of journals, offering excellent services with extensive experience in the academic field, ensuring peace of mind, visibility and security for  publishers. We are a proprietary technology company that provides premium services and technical support for Journal Management System and online journal publishing.

Our team has extensive experience in managing Journal Management System, with the necessary training and qualifications to - if necessary - intervene in the coding of the project, which guarantees an extra layer of security, speeding up any on-line maintenance. computational code. Founded in 2021, we help academic professionals, research institutions and universities around the world establish online journals. We offer a range of journal hosting solutions, guidance and consultancy to scientists, researchers and publishers to help create and share global knowledge and disseminate their digital content using our journal hosting platform.

Our principles are based on three important pillars that shape our conduct: RESPECT because we believe that it is the basis of all relationships, be they commercial or interpersonal; PARTNERSHIP as a benefit for both sides, as we believe in this concept as motivation to achieve solid and lasting results, making it necessary to outline goals and objectives with clarity and in a collaborative way, with the client fully involved in the process; and, RESULTS by achieving, with a lot of effort and work between the companies involved, the commitment of professionals, accurate deliveries combined with good management and marketing strategies.

Benefits of Using the Journal Management System

Why it is better than tradition email submission?

Open Access Excellence

User-Friendly Interface


Robust Editorial Workflow

Author and Reviewer Management

Indexing and Discoverability

Cost-Effective Solutions


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The completed journal website you receive from Editela’s editing services is covered by our web services guarantee. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the work or design of your website we will re-edit your website for free.

If you are unsatisfied with our service, we will work with you until you are satisfied. Please provide one or two specific examples or a few details about what is unsatisfactory.


The system is designed to be user-friendly. We provide training and support to help you navigate the system effectively.

It provides a robust editorial workflow, allowing editors to efficiently manage manuscript submissions, assign reviewers, and oversee the peer-review process.

Yes, it includes features for tracking the status of submitted manuscripts, making it easy to monitor progress and communicate with authors and reviewers.

Absolutely. It includes author and reviewer management features, facilitating seamless communication and coordination throughout the editorial process.

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