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The final step of journal submission is full of potential pitfalls. You have to read through the complex Instructions to Authors, prepare all supplementary documentations, and submit everything to an online portal following specific instructions. Non-compliance with journal submission guidelines might result in undue delay or even outright rejection. Our journal experts will save you time and energy with a fast and accurate journal submission.


Advantages of Editela Journal Submission service

  • Never miss a thing from the complex Instructions to Authors!
  • Ensure that your manuscript fully complies with the submission guidelines.
  • Help you prepare supplementary documents, declarations, and forms.
  • Experts will handle online registration, filling the forms, and uploading documents for you.
  • We will keep track of the submission status and help you communicate with the journal after submission.
  • Resubmission support to the same journal within 365 days.

Prepare submission documents

  • We will write a persuasive cover letter tailored to your target journal.
  • Submission experts will carefully review your manuscript to check if it complies with the submission guidelines, if major revisions are required, we'll guide you through the necessary steps.
  • We will make a list of the supplementary documents (e.g. authorship statement, copyright transfer form, or ethical declaration) according to the requirements of your target journal and help you prepare them.

Assist the submission process

We will assist you with the online or postal submission process and send you the confirmation file after the successful submission. You will receive

  • Your thesis manuscript after compliance check
  • Cover letter
  • Submission Assistance Report with details including login credentials and submission details.

Support follow-up communication with the journal

We will keep track of your submission status, keep you informed of communication from the journal, and help you deal with requests from the journal editor, including resubmitting your revised manuscript to the same journal for up to three times within 365 days after the initial submission.




1 day


The corresponding author is the point of contact for your research paper and is responsible for responding to all requests from the journal during the submission process. After the paper is published, the corresponding author may also receive correspondences from readers. The corresponding author could be a different person from the first author, but is generally a lead researcher. For more information, please visit ICMJE “Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors.”

The journal generally will send you a confirmation for your submitted manuscript on the same day. The decision time taken for publication varies from journal to journal. Ideally, it should be within three months from the date of submission. Some journals have a faster peer-review process and might reach a decision within 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Please upload your research manuscript (including images, tables, and charts) when you place the order. If you are ordering Journal Submission Service as a stand-along service, please submit an edited and formatted manuscript.
  • The title and url of your target journal, with link to its submission guidelines.

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