Poster Presentation


Make an impact at your next academic event with an eye-catching, ready-to-print poster that showcases your work.

Looking to promote your research at an upcoming conference or exhibition? Editela’s Poster Presentation service can help you do so more successfully. Taking the information and graphics provided by you, our highly-skilled content specialists will condense the text, ensure language accuracy, and then transform your findings into an eye-catching poster that summarizes your work while meeting any event-specific requirements.


A well designed poster will:

  • Attract attention
  • Make a great conversation starter with peers and colleagues
  • Help you communicate your research quickly
  • Improve an understanding of your research

Who should use Poster Presentation Service?

  • Academicians, including early-career researchers, and students, looking to promote their work (published or unpublished) at a conference, meeting, or exhibition
  • University departments presenting their ideas to others in the university (e.g., open days for new students, departmental knowledge exchange etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical companies wanting to announce the release of a new product or device at a conference or meeting

How does it work?How does it work?

  • Complete our online query form and provide us with the following: a link to the conference website and/or specific guidelines; high-resolution images of your institution's seal or logo; high-resolution images (jpeg, tiff) or vector/editable (eps, pdf, xls) files containing your figures/graphics; relevant text (title, author names, institutional affiliations, research summary); sequentially labeled figures and tables (with legends)
  • We review all materials and confirm your order
  • A content expert edits the provided text for language accuracy and ensures text condensation to produce the first draft of your poster
  • We review the file for design and send it to you for your approval
  • Once we receive your feedback, we incorporate your suggestions
  • The poster is re-checked before the final file is delivered to you



5 days


Your poster will be created by an experienced designer alongside our context expert with specialist knowledge in your subject area. It will also be checked by our native language expert. 

No, your paper does not need to be published. You can use this service at any stage during your research in order to promote it.

We will send you the first draft for feedback usually within 3 business days of you confirming your order with us. Please note that we are unable to make revisions after your draft has been finalized.

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