Statistical Analysis


Turn your research data into clear, easy-to-understand results. Using statistical methods, we analyze your research findings and research methodology to validate and quantify your work. We offer Statistical Analysis for research that organizes and presents your data in a clear, credible way, improving the transparency of your research and increasing reproducibility. Whether you have sample size concerns, difficult to interpret data, or inadequate explanations in your work, we can help you.


Editela offers 2 options of Statistical Analysis Service to meet your needs

Statistical Analysis

This is a complete statistical analysis for research. Our experts will clean, test and verify your raw data and research methodology to ensure transparency and reproducibility. They will also supplement it with charts, tables and graphs. Your research findings will be organized, credible and publish ready.

Delivery Time: 15days, Fees: $1600

What do you get?

  • Clean and labeled data.
  • Statistical research findings and results.
  • A Statistical Analysis Summary Report.
  • SPSS output file, graphs, charts and figure files.
  • Methods/results sections written based on observations.

What do we need from you?

  • The objective of the study.
  • A short description of the study and the research methodology used for capturing the data.
  • Raw data.
  • Instructions for the expert and references to any published papers.

Statistical Recommendation

Using your final data and research objective, you work together with an Enago expert to develop the statistical model. Then the expert uses the most effective tools to evaluate the research methodology and findings. This service provides detailed observations and explanations that improve your work.

Delivery Time: 8days, Fees: $900

What do you get?

  • Statistical research findings and results.
  • Graphs, charts and tables.
  • SPSS Output file.

What do we need from you?

  • The research objective and hypothesis.
  • Clean and labelled data.
  • The research objective.
  • Sample distribution data.




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